Intent: The Big Ideas in Science at Atherton High

A curriculum that strives to inform, enthuse and equip pupils with a wealth of knowledge that will inspire a life-long learning of Science.

In Science, we aim to foster an enquiring mind and provide students with the skills needed to understand the world around them. We do this by learning about:

  • The structure and function of cells, tissues and organs, and how they work together in an organ system.
  • To know how the distribution and abundance of organisms can be affected in an ecosystem.
  • To understand how the properties of a substance are affected by the structure and arrangement of the atoms that make up the elements and compounds and how they interact during reactions.
  • To understand how energy flows through a system and how the energy can be quantified and calculated.
  • To know how forces can affect the shape, speed and direction of an object and relate these to Newton’s 3 laws.

Knowledge Organisers – Summer Term

Knowledge Organisers – Spring Term

Knowledge Organisers – Autumn Term

Learning Journeys 2021 – 2022

“Science is not just a subject in our school, science is life. It’s the understanding and observation everything, from the smallest bacteria to the biggest black hole. Anytime you have been curious about anything in the world around us, that’s science”

Mr Brown