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Welcome to Atherton High School, the most wonderful and vibrant school situated on the border of Wigan, Bolton and Salford.  Our school sits at the heart of the community and encompasses the values and strengths of the town’s long history.

Atherton High School is part of the Education Partnership Trust (EPT) which is committed to creating outstanding schools which transform learning, lives and communities; a principle which is palpable when you walk our corridors.

Our school has a culture built around our values of ‘respect, responsibility and ambition’; with our aims clearly being driven by decisions that if our education is not good enough for our own families then it is simply not good enough.  Something we call the ‘Law of EVE’ (Everyone Values Education).

We promote our values of respect, responsibility and ambition through a strong, knowledge rich curriculum, which is built around our expectations that all pupils develop their depth of understanding across a wide range of subjects, to secure an ambitious education for all.

We aim high at Atherton and expect high standards of behaviour and academic effort from all our pupils.  We believe in encouraging our pupils to take responsibility for their actions, decisions and their future education to foster a culture of commitment to lifelong learning.  We believe every pupil is an individual that can achieve extraordinary goals and we work hard for them to achieve these; however, we expect them to work even harder for their future.  This is their responsibility.

We expose our pupils to culture beyond their experience to build opportunities and develop a strong sense of self-worth and humility to make positive contributions now, and in the future, to the communities to which they belong.

I am extremely proud to lead Atherton High and work towards delivering a first class education in which learning is irresistible to all.

Ben Layzell

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Watch our video to see behind the scenes at Atherton High School.

“From seeing the head teacher playing football with the children on the yard, to staff sitting with pupils at lunchtime, everyone works together and there’s a strong feeling of belonging to part of something bigger than just a school”

Mrs Doyle