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British Values

At Atherton High School, our core values are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition

Our values promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of our students. As a school community, we actively promote the fundamental British values, which are woven intrinsically through all of our curriculums:

  1. Democracy

At Atherton High School we listen to the views of pupils through a variety of means including: pupil voice and a thriving school council where pupils are encouraged to express clearly their view point and listen to the views of others respectfully and pupils take the initiative and lead in aspects of the school such as charitable appeals and fund raising.

Democracy is further enhanced throughout curriculum subjects for example as in:

History – Through the teaching of the chartist and suffrage movements in the 19th century.

English – Through oracy where students must listen and respect the value of others.

Maths – Students discuss, share and collaborate in problem solving tasks.

2. The rule of law

Atherton High School has ‘school rules’ which promote the well-being of the individual and the school as a whole. Each class reinforces those rules and they are a central part of the school ethos. They include high standards of uniform, good punctuality to school and lessons and respect. The school has a positive behaviour policy that sets out rewards and sanctions. We encourage pupils to recognise the school rules and how these go hand in hand with our school ethos of respect and responsibility.

The rule of law is further enhanced throughout curriculum subjects for example as in:

LRE – Through comparison between modern laws in Britian and those in the Bible.

PE – Learning laws associated with different sports and governing bodies.

Computer Science – Through the learning of copyright and patents on design.

3. Individual liberty

We support pupils to make informed choices in a secure setting. Pupils develop self-respect and value themselves as individuals. Our school ethos, and methods of teaching, develop pupil’s independence as well as other qualities such as perseverance and resilience.

At Atherton High School our curriculum celebrates those who have struggled for liberty, such as William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King.

Individual liberty is further enhanced throughout curriculum subjects for example in:

Drama – Students are encouraged to be independent, imaginative and creative.

History/LRE – Through the teaching of the Civil Rights Movements and the development of Human Rights.

English – Learning about the power and freedom of speech.

4. Mutual respect and tolerance

Respect is a core value of our school and underpins our ethos. Respect is shown by all adults and pupils towards each other and towards our community. Our wide and broad curriculum supports this and helps children to articulate what respect means in practice.

Through our diverse wide curriculum but in particular our Life Religious and Ethics curriculum, we deepen children’s understanding of faith and belief.

Mutual respect and tolerance is further enhanced throughout curriculum subjects for example in:

LRE/Geography – Teaching the importance of stewardship and environmental risks to the planet.

English – Through critical thinking about damaging social stereotypes.

PE – Teaching that sport is inclusive and studying the barriers to participation and how to reduce them.

These values reflect life in modern Britain and we teach all students that we all have a responsibility to embrace and uphold them. At Atherton High School, we create an environment of respect, openness and inclusion.

“We can find common qualities and common values that have made Britain the country it is. Our belief in tolerance and liberty shines through British history.”

Gordon Brown (Former British Prime Minister)