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The school value of ambition is central to the promotion of good behaviour.  Rewards have a motivational role in helping pupils to realise that good behaviour is valued and supports academic achievement.

Positive and negative reward points are recorded on our ClassCharts system daily (AccessingClassCharts).

The reward points are reviewed weekly which pupils receive recognition form their heads of year and again at the end of each half term where special rewards are given to pupils by subject departments, form tutors, heads of year and the senior leadership team for exceptional effort, progress and achievement.

When they are consistently applied rewards help to foster positive behaviour by providing supportive feedback. Rewards are given for good behaviour, effort and work.

The rewards used are: –

  • Praise
  • Positive Comment on class charts
  • Value Certificates
  • Positive phone call home
  • Congratulations letter home from the Year Teams/ Senior Leadership Team/ Headteacher for excellent work/effort
  • Headteacher’s commendation for outstanding work /effort
  • Character points are awarded for work that is ‘over and above’ expectation. They are awarded for a variety of reasons including:
  • Good effort (including behaviour)
  • Good classwork & project work
  • Good homework
  • Good research work
  • Consistent good behaviour and attendance