Headteacher Mr Layzell
Deputy Headteacher Ms Gibson
Assistant Head (DSL) Mrs Fazackerley
Assistant Head Mr Farrer


School Business Manager Rachael Wilson
Receptionist/Administrator Vicky Healey
Exams/Data Officer Sarah-Jayne Burke
Administrator Suzanne Neal
Careers Officer Jennifer Doyle


Behaviour and Intervention Manager Miss Wilde
Welfare Manager Miss Foster
Pastoral Apprentice Miss Craimer
Year 6 Transition Mr McKie
Head of Year 7 Mr McKie
Head of Year 8 Mr Potts
Head of Year 9 Mr Mitchell
Head of Year 10 Mr Littler
Head of Year 11 Mrs Foster
Attendance Officer Mr Littler


Curriculum Leader of English Miss Wright
Assistant Curriculum Leader of English Ms Phelan
Teacher of English/ Head of Literacy Mrs Green
Teacher of English Mr Mitchell
Teacher of English Miss Matulko


Curriculum Leader of Science Ms Whitfield
Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science Mr A Brown      (ECT subject mentor)
Teacher of Science Miss Waters
Teacher of Science Mrs Gittins
Science Technician Miss Smith


Curriculum Leader of Maths Mr Gunel     (ECT subject mentor)
Teacher of Maths/KS4 Lead Miss Dickenson
Teacher of Maths Mr Farrer (ECT subject mentor)
Teacher of Maths Miss Jones
Teacher of Maths Mr Moore
Teacher of Maths Mr Mohammad


Curriculum Leader of the Arts & Technology Mrs McNamara
Teacher of Drama Mrs McNamara
Teacher of Music Miss McCaffrey
Teacher of Art Miss Swallow
Teacher of Computer Science/ICT Ms Watson
Teacher of Design and Technology Mr McKie
Teacher of Food Technology Mrs Foster
Technology Technician  Mr Gaskell


Teacher of PE/Assistant Head Mrs Fazackerley 
Teacher of PE Mr McKie
Teacher of PE Mr Skinner
PE Apprentice Mr Jones
Teacher of PE/Headteacher Mr Layzell


Curriculum Leader of Humanities Mr McNamara  (ECT subject mentor)
Teacher of RE/Humanities/Deputy Headteacher Ms Gibson
Teacher of Humanities Mr Haydock
Teacher of Humanities Miss Callan
Teacher of Humanities Mr Cole
Teacher of Humanities/Curriculum Lead of Personal Development Mr Norton
Teacher of Geography Ms Langan  (ECT subject mentor)


Curriculum Leader of MFL Mr Plant
Teacher of MFL Mrs Baird
Teacher of MFL Ms Doyle


SENDCO Lead/Health and Social Care Mrs Lowe
Mr Potts
Mrs Sloane
Mrs Dickenson
Ms Catterall
Mrs Taylor
Miss Herrington
Year 7 Bridging Group Miss Dennis
Cover Supervisor Mr Kirkpatrick
Cover Supervisor Mr Cook


Lead Practitioner Mrs McNamara
ECT Induction Tutor Mr Skinner
 TLC Coach Mrs Baird
TLC Coach Mr Brown
TLC Coach Miss Dickenson
TLC Coach Mr Plant
TLC Coach Mrs Green
TLC Coach Ms Gibson
TLC Coach Ms Phelan


Facilities & Site Manager John Gerrard
Facilities Apprentice Connor Winstanley
Catering Manager Lesley Royle
Catering Assistant Marcia Lingings
Catering Assistant/Cleaner Sharon Webster
Cleaner Anthony Almond