Atherton High School is a reading school, we are invested in ensure our pupils have access to books and on-line reading programmes to ensure they have a variety of reading materials to support their reading development.

One programme we provide is Reading Plus, an on-line reading programme that adapts to individual needs and is proven to develop reading skills for children with all reading ages.

The Reading Plus experience is personalised to each student’s interests and academic strengths—and builds cross-curricular content area knowledge. At the heart of the program is SeeReader®, an intelligent e-reader and content library that presents increasingly complex texts that match a student’s reading level and interests. The text may be presented in either the guided or independent format, providing scaffolds to improve mental focus and visual efficiency.

After reading a selection, students answer ten thoughtful, skill-aligned comprehension questions. The Reading Plus program also includes visual-perceptual skill building and vocabulary development components. iBalance develops foundational visual-perceptual skills that pave the way for fluency, automaticity, and efficiency in silent reading. Read Around includes a list of essential vocabulary words that students will encounter across multiple curriculum areas.

The programme is available to our pupils in Key Stage 3.  It is easy to access online from a range of devices including smart phones, laptops, tables, and games consoles.  Pupils receive an individual account that they work through it at their own pace and ability.  Regular use is proven to improve reading fluency, skills, accuracy, and confidence – and it’s fun!

Here at Atherton we recognise and value the importance of reading to enhance both our literacy skills and knowledge of the world around us. Reading not only improves our word knowledge, spelling, understanding of punctuation (life skills), but it is also good for our emotional health and well-being. 

Who knows how the world will change for us and our young people, but one thing is certain, we will always need the skill of reading.

 Experiencing the pure joy of engaging our imagination in a good story or learning more about our world from a factual text is something we can do without leaving our chair. 

Keep Reading.

Mrs Denise Green