Modern Foreign Languages

Intent: The Big Ideas in Modern Foreign Languages at Atherton High

To create aspirational lifelong linguists through an engaging, challenging, knowledge and culturally rich curriculum.

The Big Ideas in MFL at Atherton High are to ensure that pupils are able linguists who can use transferable skills and knowledge to manipulate whichever language they are learning. We also want to promote an aspirational curriculum by creating the opportunity for pupils to study both Spanish and French, as opposed to just one language.  We also look to promote a love of learning and a love of the subject to increase the number of GCSE and post 16 uptake within the subject. Within the department, we strive to ensure that the pupils are knowledge rich, so that they have good foundations when they come to use the language across the attainment skills that we teach (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

Knowledge Organisers – Spring Term

Knowledge Organisers – Autumn Term

From seeing the head teacher playing football with the children on the yard, to staff sitting with pupils at lunchtime, everyone works together and there’s a strong feeling of belonging to part of something bigger than just a school”

Mrs Doyle