Performing Arts


Intent: The Big Ideas in Music at Atherton High

The intent of music at Atherton High is to develop pupil’s knowledge and appreciation of music from around the globe. Pupils will develop a rich knowledge of music through listening, analysis, composing and performing of diverse music.

Key Stage 3 music enables pupil to explore a broad range of topics through project based learning. Pupils will be inspired to compose, perform, analyse and appraise music including: Blues music, Film music, Game Music, Theme and Variation, Notation and Remixing. The Music Department will develop pupil’s abilities to work independently and collaboratively.

The opportunity to learn a musical instrument is available to all pupils. 

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Intent: The Big Ideas in Drama at Atherton High

  • To build an understanding of drama techniques and skills alongside how and when to use them.
  • To know and consistently incorporate the key features of techniques and recognise their effectiveness.
  • To understand the different approaches to developing both scripted and devised pieces of performance work.
  • To build character through demonstrating and developing positive social skills and interactions to enhance school life and beyond.
  • To use drama as a tool to explore social, moral and cultural issues and opinions within the world in which we live.
  • To develop knowledge on the origins of theatre and how it has changed over time to broaden students understanding.

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From seeing the head teacher playing football with the children on the yard, to staff sitting with pupils at lunchtime, everyone works together and there’s a strong feeling of belonging to part of something bigger than just a school”

Mrs Doyle