Intent: The Big Ideas in Art and Design at Atherton High:

  • For all pupils to discover a passion for creativity and imagination through exposure to a broad range of artistic techniques, skills and processes
  • For all pupils to develop wider cultural knowledge through the study of art: to appreciate it’s history as well as the contemporary movements and ideas that have shaped the art industry today
  • To gain knowledge of the art industry and of the vast range of career opportunities linked to art and design in life beyond school
  • For pupils to build resilience in their approach and gain confidence in developing ideas, problem solving and experimenting to reach an intended outcome

Knowledge Organisers – Autumn Term (2021-2022)

Knowledge Organisers – Summer Term (2020-2021)

Knowledge Organisers – Spring Term (2020-2021)

Knowledge Organisers – Autumn Term (2020-2021)

Learning Journeys

“I am so proud to be part of such a hardworking, inspirational and dependable team of staff that promotes a true love for learning among our students.”

Miss Swallow