Intent: The Big Ideas in Art and Design at AHS:

  1. For all pupils to discover a passion for creativity and imagination through exposure to a broad range of artistic techniques, skills and processes
  2. For all pupils to develop wider cultural knowledge through the study of art: to appreciate its history as well as the contemporary movements and ideas that have shaped the art industry today
  3. To gain knowledge of the art industry and of the vast range of career opportunities linked to art and design in life beyond school
  4. For pupils to build resilience in their approach and gain confidence in developing ideas, problem solving and experimenting to reach an intended outcome

How the Art curriculum contributes to the school’s curriculum intent

  1. Knowledge: – through exposure to a wide range of skills, techniques and processes as well as demonstrating an awareness of the foundations of art, by understanding the formal elements. Pupils will explore the work of historical and contemporary movements and artists, architects and designers. Art will promote deeper learning through a variety of experiences and through various cross-curricular processes to develop greater knowledge, understanding and to help pupils to make connections and embed further knowledge by linking to other subjects across the curriculum.
  2. Vocabulary rich: – pupils must be able to articulate their findings, record ideas and insights by using the correct terminology and subject specific vocabulary. Pupils will become familiar with keywords and definitions to promote understanding and an ability to verbalise their intention. Project-based learning will be summarised with an extended written piece of work, based on a particular artist or artistic movement. This is assessed and dedicated reflection time is given to enhance their vocabulary and speak like a specialist.
  3. Aspiration: – through annual visits to galleries and art exhibitions, we will raise the aspirations of our pupils by exposing them to a broad variety of career opportunities in the art industry and to show them what success looks like. Pupils are given the opportunity to enter local art competitions and annual inhouse competitions as. We offer educational visits to creative workshops delivered by industry professionals within a HE environment thus giving the pupils opportunity to gain first-hand experience of post-16 education.
  4. Character building: – through promotion of developing an artistic style of their own as well as adopting the style of a particular artist to influence their own creativity. To discover their passions and to challenge themselves to push the boundaries in art. Pupils will be exposed to a vast number of techniques and processes and constant feedback and reflection is promoted to ensure all pupils are fulfilling potential and building resilience.
  5. Love learning: – pupils are encouraged to take risks and work independently to express their creativity which develops and sustains a love for learning and a sense of success. Pupils are exposed to a diverse range of artists and movements through history to capture their imagination and we strive for a lifelong love of art.

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“I am so proud to be part of such a hardworking, inspirational and dependable team of staff that promotes a true love for learning among our students.”

Miss Swallow