Intent: The Big Ideas in Art and Design at Atherton High:

  • All pupils develop strong subject knowledge, to think creatively and to promote imagination. To develop an understanding of a variety of artistic techniques, skills and processes using a range of media. To develop a wide knowledge of contemporary and historical artists and artistic movements to enthuse pupils when developing their own artwork.
  • To build resilience in learning: to be able to select, refine and develop designs and discover a solution via experimentation if there is a problem to overcome.
  • To develop wider cultural knowledge through the study of Art: to be able to respond to a project title and work to a suggested outcome. To understand gain knowledge of the industry and career options in art and design. To discover the effectiveness of recyclability on the environment, to select and refine sustainable materials and to consider the wastage of paper and how to recycle materials as preparation for life outside of school.

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Knowledge Organisers – Spring Term

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“I am so proud to be part of such a hardworking, inspirational and dependable team of staff that promotes a true love for learning among our students.”

Miss Swallow