Intent: The Big Ideas in Physical Education at Atherton High

  • To experience a variety of roles within physical education and school sport including participant, coach and official; this ensures every pupil can reach their full potential.
  • To develop and know a variety of skills, techniques and tactics and how to use them in a variety of competitive sporting activities.
  • To use physical education and school sport as a tool to promote lifelong participation and learning through a range of activities and sports, whilst having a positive impact on physical, mental and social well-being.
  • To create an inclusive environment that makes physical education accessible, enjoyable and challenging for all pupils within the curriculum, with a look to develop transferable life skills such as resilience, respect and communication.
  • To provide a range of extra-curricular activities for all pupils to participate in, both socially and competitively.

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“Atherton High School truly encompasses what it means to be a community.”

Mrs McNamara