Intent: The Big Ideas in Physical Education at AHS

The PE curriculum at AHS provides a high-quality physical education curriculum to lay the physical, mental and personal development foundations to complement the whole curriculum. We aim to develop students’ knowledge about how physical activity and sport can benefit their health and wellbeing, fitness, character and contributes to the teaching of our school values of respect, responsibility and ambition.

Through experiencing a wide variety of sports and physical activities pupils will develop their character, including resilience, confidence and independence, so that they can make informed choices and contribute positively to the community of AHS, their local community, and future environments. Our pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of the physical, emotional and social benefits of regular physical activity and lifelong participation.

Knowledge is built through a cyclical approach, allowing pupils the opportunity build on previous experiences, making progress by knowing more and remembering more. This knowledge will allow our pupils to make positive, conscious choices around personal health, well-being and diet, to help supplement physical and mental growth.

Our ambition is to create a culture of successful thinking and, by seeing first-hand that everyone can excel at something, encourage a positive mindset in all pupils. We want our pupils to feel that sense of greatness and accomplishment that comes with being an expert.

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