Class Charts

Classcharts is a platform that we as a school use to track pupils’ attitudes towards their learning. This platform allows us to log and report what happens from lesson to lesson and allows you as parents/carers full access to see your child’s activity throughout the day.

This is our primary source of communication, so we urge you to check this or set up notifications on the app.

If you require any assistance with class charts please contact the office and they can provide you with support and your child’s unique code to login.

“Homework is essential to your academic life. Homework gives you that extra opportunity to understand what you’re learning about and it helps you to remember what you learn. Not only that, but homework will also help your teachers to know what you don’t understand, and you can become more independent with your learning.”  

Poppy, Y9

“Teachers put my homework on Class Charts. Homework teaches students to be independent and accept responsibility for a task. At AHS, homework is not at all stressful and helps students remember what they have done in lesson, so they don’t forget!”

Harvey, Yr8