Intent: The Big Ideas in History at AHS

  1. To understand British history from the Romans through to the 20th
  2. To understand key historical events and people from across the globe.
  3. To develop key skills such as analysis, chronology, comparison and inference.
  4. To be able to investigate the usefulness and reliability of sources in history by providing knowledge of the historical context surrounding them.
  5. To develop and articulate (written and verbal) personal viewpoints of key people and events in history and to think critically about history.

How the History curriculum contributes to the school’s curriculum intent

  1. Knowledge is developed about British history from the Romans through to the 20th century (KS3). This is also extended at KS3 to include the slave trade, the American Civil War and wider impact of WWI and WWII. At Y9 and into GCSE students will gain knowledge about the formation of the modern Germany and the rise of the Nazis; Life in Elizabethan England; how power has changed over 800 years of history through to modern day and the impact it has on people; the conflict between the East and West during the Cold War.
  2. Vocabulary rich through exposure to subject specific vocabulary to describe the past and be able to work effectively with evidence.
  3. Aspiration through challenging subject matter and difficult historical concepts. Challenge through investigating sources, critical and evaluative thinking and extended writing. Formative feedback to support the culture of improvement – always can improve our work, knowledge and learning.
  4. Character building through study and evaluation of events, people, and sources to make sense of the past and how it has impacted upon the world today. Resilience & mental toughness through the climate for learning in the history classroom: can-do culture, learn from mistakes, DIRT time & meta-cognition.
  5. Love learning as pupils study engaging historical events, people and sources to develop critical thinking and wider historical skills. Deep human questions are tackled to engage and foster love of learning. Teaching methods use a range of techniques to engage pupils and foster a love of learning. Challenge is promoted through deep learning to develop pride in achievement to develop confidence, self-belief and inspiration to learn more.

Knowledge Organisers – Autumn Term

Learning Journeys 2022 – 2023

“The teachers make learning about the past fun and relevant. History helps to explain the world we live in today”