Intent: The Big Ideas in History at Atherton High

  • To understand British history from the Romans through to the 20th century.
  • To understand key historical events and people from across the globe.
  • To develop key skills such as analysis, chronology, comparison and inference.
  • To be able to investigate the usefulness and reliability of sources in history by providing knowledge of the historical context surrounding them.
  • To develop and articulate (written and verbal) personal viewpoints of key people and events in history and to think critically about history.

Knowledge Organisers – Summer Term

Knowledge Organisers – Spring Term

Knowledge Organisers – Autumn Term

Learning Journeys 2021 – 2022

From seeing the head teacher playing football with the children on the yard, to staff sitting with pupils at lunchtime, everyone works together and there’s a strong feeling of belonging to part of something bigger than just a school”

Mrs Doyle