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Health & Social Care

Intent: The Big Ideas in Health and Social Care at Atherton High

The Health and Social Care intent at Atherton High is to provide a knowledge rich curriculum in which students will acquire specific sector knowledge through studying human lifespan development, health and social care services and values, and health and wellbeing as part of their Key Stage 4 learning.  The curriculum is set by Pearson (exam board) and will be delivered in a sequential manner, promoting cultural capital in a variety of diverse and engaging ways. In addition, we aim to develop resilience and prepare and equip students with employability and transferable skills within an ever-changing world.  Students will also develop interpersonal skills and an understanding of how to help others. Students will develop a better understanding of how to lead a healthier and fulfilled lifestyle.

How the Health and Social Care curriculum contributes to the school’s curriculum intent.

  1. Knowledge is at the heart of every scheme of learning. Students will be taught the key component knowledge from the Pearson BTEC Tech Award level 1/2 in Health and Social Care Technical Award Specification. Essential knowledge will build throughout the journey of learning to enable all students to develop a deeper understanding of key concepts and progress effectively through the Health and Social Care curriculum. There are three components that students will be taught:
  • Growth and development throughout individuals’ lives; the factors that can influence growth and development and how people deal with the impact of the factors on health and wellbeing.
  • Health and social care services; barriers to accessing them and how they meet the needs of service users.
  • Person-centred approaches to make recommendations to improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.
  1. Vocabulary Rich – We have selected a challenging list of vocabulary, to enrich learning and deepen subject knowledge. Students will be exposed to subject specific vocabulary to describe PIES development of individuals in a diverse society, explain the different services and health care available, evaluate own performance in applying the skills and attributes of a healthcare profession and demonstrate effective methods of communication in difficult and different situations. Key vocabulary will be applied in all Atherton High extended writes and BTEC assessments.
  2. Aspiration – Through a knowledge rich, ambitious curriculum and challenging subject matter, students will become critical and evaluative thinkers. Formative feedback will support and drive improvement in written communication, whilst evaluating their own practice will allow students to become ready for the world of work in a Health and Social Care setting and beyond.
  3. Character – At AHS we want students to have an ‘asset-based approach’ (a ‘can do’ attitude). This is done through problem solving, critical thinking and reflective practice skills within real-life scenarios.
  4. Love of learning – Students will study engaging, real life experiences, vocational opportunities, which develop reflective and critical thinking. Teaching methods use a range of techniques to engage students and foster a love of learning. Challenge is promoted through learning to develop pride in achievement and to develop confidence, self -belief and inspiration to learn more.

The Health & Social Care Learning Journey



Health & Social Care Knowledge Organisers

Autumn Term

Year 10

Coping with change

Cultural Factors

Human Lifespan Development

Life Events

Lifestyle factors

Physical Factors

Year 11

Health and Well Being

Interpreting Data and Planning

Physical factors affecting health 1

Physical factors affecting health 2

Spring Term


Barriers individuals face accessing health care

Health COPD Arthritis and diabetes

Health CVA Obesity and Dementia


Year 11

Cultural Factors


Health COPD Arthritis and Diabetes

Health CVA Obesity and Dementia

Life Events

Lifestyle Factors

Summer Term


Services and Values

Skills required to work in Health and Social Care

Skills Values and Attributes

Values and Attributes

Year 11

Health and Well Being

Interpreting Data and Planning 1

Reading in Health and Social Care

Reading in Health and Social Care is approached through exposing pupils to a variety of different texts such as websites, newspaper and journal articles and books.  Pupils are able to engage directly with these texts, to analyse them and look at up to date case studies, research and changes to health and social care practice to keep abreast of developments within the industry.  Academic vocabulary is taught enabling pupils to speak, write and think like an expert.

Learning Beyond the Classroom in Health and Social Care

Pupils have the opportunity to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities that provide additional opportunities for them to practice, consolidate and apply their learning. These activities range from visiting Belong, the local residential and nursing care home, to planning activities in school for charitable events and coffee mornings.

“Staff members and most importantly our residents had a wonderful time with the Health and Social Care students at Atherton High School. The students that spent time with us were very welcoming and helpful. We can honestly say we had a lovely morning, and it was a pleasure interacting with them”.

Belong Care Home