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Teaching & Learning

Atherton High School is committed to the development of high-quality teaching across the whole school to make learning irresistible for all, leading to improved student progress.

Strong teaching ensures students know and remember more of the planned curriculum. At Atherton we call this Knowledge for Progression.

We have a variety of forums to develop teaching and subject pedagogy:

  • Weekly curriculum meetings
  • INSET days
  • Friday CPD ‘Bite-size’
  • Staff CPD programme
  • Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) that provide the time and space to engage in professional dialogue
  • Coaching model: personalised to needs
  • Personal reflection programme using an online platform ‘Lessons Learned’ to facilitate opportunities for staff to reflect on their own teaching practice.
  • CPD-K sessions– subject knowledge mastery
  • Early Career Teachers (ECT) develop professional learning through the Teach First Early Career Framework (ECF) and we work with the awarding body Generate Teacher Hub. Every ECT works closely with their subject mentor and coaching partner.
  • Teachers work collaboratively to develop professional learning, knowledge of evidence-based research and to share best practice in a culture of trust, respect and integrity.
  • Wigan subject network meetings.
  • EPT network meetings.

In addition, the school offers additional CPD opportunities: NPQ, Emerging Leaders, We Are in Beta,  Teach First (Leading Together), Behaviour Hubs and the Early Careers Framework.

Teaching & Learning Newsletter

We have a relentless focus on the quality of teaching with a CPD offer that supports teachers and teaching assistants to improve on strength. Our strong  culture of CPD is created by research informed, teacher collaboration. – Click below to view our T&L newsletters:



ECF programme of study 

Year 1 
Module 1: How can you create a powerful learning environment?
Module 2: How do pupils learn?
Module 3: What makes classroom practice effective?
Module 4: How can you use assessment and feedback to greatest effect?
Module 5: How can you support all pupils to succeed?
Module 6: How can you plan a coherent curriculum?
Year 2 
Module 1: Helping pupils to journey from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation in your subject.
Module 2: Breaking materials into small steps in your subject.
Module 3: Using meaningful and memorable explanations in your subject.
Module 4: Anticipating and addressing common misconceptions in your subject.
Module 5: Developing literacy skills in your subject.
Module 6: Teaching key concepts through a range of powerful analogies, illustrations, and demonstrations within a subject area.