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Pupils from Atherton High School on Hamilton Street are today benefitting from a safer way to cross the busy road thanks to the completion of a new pedestrian crossing. Atherton South and Lilford Councillors, Lee McStein, Debra Wailes and John Harding have worked tirelessly over several months with the councils’ Highways department to gain approval for the new crossing, which is located directly outside the large secondary school.

Councillor McStein said “The installation of this zebra crossing outside Atherton High School is the culmination of months of consultation, collaboration and numerous discussions with both council officers and people around the community. We are delighted to see the safety of Atherton High school students and the local community enhanced by this new crossing. We appreciate the support and understanding of residents nearby, particularly during the consultation and construction period”.

Headteacher, Mr Layzell said, “We are very pleased that the pedestrian crossing will make a significant contribution to the safety of our pupils, staff and parents and also our surrounding community. Thanks to our local councillors for their enduring tenacity to get this crossing installed.”

Councillor Wailes was pleased with the final result stating, ”There have been slight delays in getting the crossing fully installed but these teething problems were dealt with quickly by the council staff and contractors and, despite some poor weather, the crossing is now fully operational”.

Councillor John Harding said, “Hamilton Street is a designated 20mph zone but, sadly, this is ignored at times by drivers who put our local residents and pupils at risk. We are pleased that it is now finished, but additional good news is that, following our further discussions, another pedestrian crossing has been agreed for installation further along Hamilton Street at the Lee Street junction and this will serve Parklee primary school along with other local residents”.

School Governor, Paul Blinkhorn said, “It’s great to see the crossing installed. It will significantly improve the safety for all of the local community and not just pupils, parents and staff.”