The New Horizons Awards

At Atherton High School, we are determined to provide a comprehensive education that allows our young people to leave us as well-informed, confident and competent young adults. Part of that education is our programme of personal development which is undertaken in various ways and through various subjects. Our programme of Personal, Social and Health Education as well as our Life, Religion and Ethics Curriculum, which are both studied by all students, teach on a wide variety of topics to build the students’ knowledge on real-world problems and solutions. Our programme of personal development awards is designed to complement these curricula, by providing time and exercises that encourage the students to engage with the people around them, practicing skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and enhancing their self-belief and sense of self-worth.

Year Award Description

(Summer School)

New Horizons Award – developing research skills and communicating to a peer-group. This award is design to help students make the difficult transition between primary and secondary school. The students reflect on the challenges ahead and complete activities to help them recognise that all students share this challenge and help them to build new friendships.
7 Global Citizen Award – developing research skills and communicating to a peer-group. This is completed towards the end of Year 7 when the students have become comfortable in their new school and we now want them to build their independence and resilience. They undertake independent research and then present to their peers.
8 Community Leader Award – making a difference in your own community using teamwork and communication. This is the Award which requires the students to become even more independent and to take ownership of their local community by creating a campaign to improve it. They need to identify local issues and encourage others to make change happen.
9 Future Planning Award – Understanding the link between skills and career choices and independently researching a career. Towards the end of Year 9 we help to prepare the students for the next stage in their education by encouraging them to think about and plan for life beyond Atherton High School. They will reflect on their skills and present to their peers on a potential career pathway.
10 Next Steps Award – Building the momentum to achieve great things in after high school and developing your weaknesses. The final award is based around the idea of self-reflection and improvement, both really important aspects of modern employment. We look at the advice and journeys of some great people of the last few decades and use their techniques to develop our own weaknesses.

“The Pioneer Award helped me to stop being worried about stepping up to secondary school and whilst working on the award I made new friends easily”