Personal Development Awards

At Atherton High School, we are determined to provide a comprehensive education that allows our young people to leave us as well-informed, confident and competent young adults. Part of that education is our programme of personal development which is undertaken in various ways and through various subjects. Our programme of Personal, Social and Health Education as well as our Life Studies curriculum, which are both studied by all students, teach on a wide variety of topics to build the students’ knowledge on real-world problems and solutions. Our programme of personal development awards is designed to complement these curricula, by providing time and exercises which encourage the students to engage with the people around them, practicing skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving, and enhancing their self-belief and sense of self-worth.


Award Year Group Description
Pioneer Award 7 Our starting point on the Personal Development Awards begins in Year 6 in our Summer School, and is designed to help our student’s transition from primary to secondary school. The Pioneer Award bring the new students together to work collaboratively, to start to get to know their fellow students that they will be sharing the school with over the next five years.
Ambassador Award 8 The Ambassador Award is designed to help  students to develop their communication skills by giving them experience of writing and speaking persuasively, to convince others to join in their endeavours. It also givens the students a chance to learn presentation and oracy skills, and in the planning and evaluation stages it will encourage them to think about self-management and develop self-belief.
Community Influencer Award 9-10 This award encourages the students to think about their local community and in particular their school community, and then gives them the opportunity to enhance this community through their own actions. They will plan and deliver a community intervention, and then practice their reflective skills in evaluating their own effectiveness.
Skills Pathfinder Award 10-11 This award forms part of our careers education programme and introduces the students to ideas such as networking, interviews and working in a professional environment. We encourage the students to research the job market widely in order to give themselves options to explore as they develop the resilience in this award to help them pursue whichever pathway they might choose in life.
Skills Reflection Award 11 The final award in our programme is all about reflective on the student’s impact and contribution to life at AHS as a means of developing their self-esteem. We will help them to recognise their own best qualities so that they are equipped to promote themselves as a prospect to future education providers and employers. The sense of confidence this adds will help them achieve their goals.


There are five awards that all students aim to achieve; all awards are external moderated and awarded by SLQ, and these are all offered at Atherton High:

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