Life Studies

Intent: The Big Ideas in Life Studies at Atherton High

Life Studies adds broad knowledge of the wider world, which lies outside the scope of many of the academic subjects studied at Atherton High. The subject covers religious & ethical education and Citizenship. The Life Studies curriculum develops students’ critical thinking skills and encourages them to express informed opinions on a wide range of topics. Crucially, the content learnt deals with developing an understanding of the world in which we live through the linking of ideas such as a local community with the structure and function of a national government, and looks at how the British Values work in practice in these and wide range of settings.

It adds an investigation into religious and ethical debates, which encourages empathy for different beliefs and develops the cultural capital of the students so they are able to engage in informed discussion and debate on a wide variety of current affairs and big ethical and philosophical questions in life. Students are exposed to a range of opposing views to challenge their assumptions, especially those in religious texts, newspapers and news broadcasts and social media. These experiences also serve to improve functional skills such as literacy and oracy, development of general and specialised vocabulary and building an understanding of abstract ideas such as nations, democracy, money, morality and ethics.

“Atherton High is a fantastic place where everybody is made to feel welcome. Due to the size of the school, there is a tightknit, community atmosphere. Pupils and staff members alike encourage each other to succeed.”

Mr Haydock